Ilex Studio

Founded in 2018, Ilex Studio is a London-based design company dedicated to creating items that are both practical and elegantly poetic, emphasizing the splendor of nature. The Avocado Vase and Acorn Vase are designed to foster the growth and appreciation of plants and trees. Their goal is to forge a closer bond between people and nature while advocating for its protection. It’s important to note that the vases do not come with seeds. Instead, you are encouraged to use seeds you might encounter in daily life, such as an acorn from an oak tree in a park or an avocado seed from a salad.

Why it is in The Green Circle

Ilex pots merge two very relevant aspects of sustainability: the production of borosilicate glass (the type of glass with the least environmental impact in production) with an invitation to a gesture of great educational responsibility, the principle that wet waste should not be considered merely as waste, but as potential life. Ilex pots are used to revive the seeds of the fruit we eat, bringing them back to their reason for existence: to give life to a new plant. Each pot becomes the cradle of a new tree, restoring dignity to what we would have otherwise thrown in the trash.
SDGs: 2, 3, 4, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

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