Grattoni 1892

Grattoni1892 is a carpentry with roots dating back to 1892 when the first invoice was discovered. The tradition and art of carpentry have been passed down through four generations, creating a strong connection to the past. A team of designers, architects, and craftsmen works daily to create new wooden objects and furniture.
The distinctive feature of Grattoni1892’s creations is their unique design and the naturalness of the finished products treated with oil, making them not only beautiful but also sustainable. The “Never one the same as another” approach is fundamental to the company’s philosophy, as each piece originates from a handcrafted wooden plank by skilled artisans who know how to enhance the grain and natural characteristics of the wood.
In the workshop, craftsmanship merges with a passion for work, creating artifacts with long stories and many more to experience. The ability to customize products for home and the hospitality industry (Ho.Re.Ca.) is one of the strengths of the company, known for its tailor-made production of wooden accessories.

Why it is in The Green Circle

The handcrafted woodworking for the kitchen is a source of pride in this company’s tradition. They were the first to incorporate silver into the wood knots in cutting boards. Beyond the sustainability and aesthetic benefits (each product is responsible, unique, beautiful, and suitable for any home), the presence of silver on a cutting board sanitizes the wood surface and ensures maximum food safety and hygiene during food preparation. This process is carried out with the utmost respect for the well-being and health of diners.
SDGs 3, 4, 12

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