Mapu Speakers

Mapu Speaker’s design and aesthetics are a tribute to the place where they come from, they are locally produced in traditional crafts(wo)mens workshops in rural areas, supporting the formation of a new generation of potters through heritage-led-innovation.

Handcrafted from materials such as clay, wool, wood, and cork, our speakers are meticulously crafted using innovative low impact materials that bring harmony to both, your music and the environment.
Our collaboration with experienced and passionate acoustic professionals in Denmark has resulted in a product that draws the essence of music with remarkable clarity, achieving a powerful undistorted bass, in a compact design.
Our award-winning design blends nature’s textures and identity seamlessly into any space, elevating its aesthetics with sleek curves, premium finishes and attention to detail.
These are not just loudspeakers; they are a masterpiece of craftsmanship, revolutionizing hi-tech production through sustainability.

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