Fratelli Ingegnoli was founded in 1817 in Milan, and it was dedicated to the cultivation of fruit and ornamental plants, as well as the production of vegetable, garden, and grassland seeds. With the support of Italian botanists, they specialized in the genetic selection of vegetable, cereal, and forage seeds, bringing significant innovations to agriculture with the goal of improving yield and quality during that period.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the brothers Francesco, Vittorio, and Paolo led the company to become a small multinational business with operations in Argentina and Libya. The Ingegnoli family were pioneers in the importation of Persimmons from Japan in 1888, earning the appreciation of Giuseppe Verdi.
Even today, the company’s mission is to spread the passion for greenery and ensure the best quality at affordable prices for plant and seed enthusiasts, with continuous research into new varieties to ensure the most sustainable, nutritious, and high-performing products. Despite the company’s growth, the Ingegnoli family values have remained constant, including helpfulness, loyalty, and direct dialogue with customers.

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