Isabella Goldmann

Embark on a journey with Isabella Goldmann, the visionary bioclimatic architect and founder of Goldmann & Partners srl SB. With a profound commitment to sustainability, Isabella leads the charge in revolutionizing architecture and design. Here’s why her impact is transforming the industry:
Key Highlights:
Architectural Visionary: Isabella Goldmann is at the forefront of bioclimatic architecture, seamlessly integrating sustainable practices into groundbreaking designs. Her architectural vision prioritizes harmony with the environment, creating spaces that elevate both aesthetics and ecological responsibility.
IRCAS Leadership: As the founder of the International Research Centre for Applied Sustainability (IRCAS), Isabella spearheads a research center dedicated to studying and disseminating sustainability. IRCAS plays a pivotal role in shaping the discourse on applied sustainability, setting the standard for environmentally conscious practices.
Bio-Interiors Innovator: Introducing the bio-interiors department within Goldmann & Partners, Isabella champions the project. This solidarity e-commerce platform is a unique initiative that offers curated suggestions for those seeking sustainable objects for their homes. It showcases products from companies with a strong commitment to conscious production, emphasizing respect for both people and the environment.

Distinctive Features:
Solidarity E-Commerce: is more than an e-commerce platform; it’s a solidarity-driven space curated by Isabella Goldmann. It stands out in the market by providing a carefully selected array of sustainable objects for conscientious consumers. Every purchase contributes to a cycle of discovery, promotion, and support for sustainable practices.
Conscious Production Emphasis: Isabella’s influence extends to companies with a strong attitude toward conscious production. serves as a bridge between consumers and businesses committed to sustainable and ethical practices. It’s a platform that resonates with the growing demand for conscious consumption.
Authoritative Research: Isabella Goldmann is not just a practitioner but also an author. Her research books, including the latest “A GREEN ARCHITECT AS A FRIEND,” offer valuable insights into sustainable architecture. The availability of her latest book in English extends the reach of her expertise to a global audience.

Why Isabella Goldmann Matters:
Global Impact: Isabella’s influence transcends geographical boundaries. Her commitment to sustainability and innovative design has a global impact, shaping the conversation around responsible architecture and conscious living.
Holistic Approach: Isabella’s holistic approach to sustainability extends beyond architecture. Through IRCAS and, she encourages a comprehensive understanding of sustainability, emphasizing its importance in daily life and consumer choices.
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