With our work we bring moments of relaxation into the everyday life of our customers. According to the maxim “A sound mind in a sound body” we ensure that people feel good. Each product appeals to the senses and provides intuitive relaxation. Our philosophy is to make the world more harmonious for everyone. We also call it:
We are extremely pleased that our products provide relaxation and smiling faces all over the world. Because in life it’s often the little things that make a difference. A smile can move mountains. And this is only a positive effect that we bring about with our FEEL SOUND principle.
Relaxation has the power to multiply. That is why we set a good example and work in our teams and with our partners just as relaxed as we deal with our customers. FEEL SOUND has become a way of life for us, something that we like to pass on.
That is why every Relaxound product invites you to discover a taste of this positive attitude towards life and to become part of a growing community that simply achieves more in a relaxed way. Because FEEL SOUND goes far beyond just feeling good: relaxed comes further!

Why it is in The Green Circle

Physical well-being is also tied to psychological well-being. Relaxound promotes the restoration of daily serenity by introducing the sounds of nature into domestic spaces, thereby fostering relaxation in daily activities. This simple yet effective idea is supported by the sustainability of the production of certain products, specifically made from certified materials and renewable sources.
SDGs 3, 7, 12, 15

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