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THE SUSTAINABLE SQUARE OF MILAN HOME 2024 – Your Gateway to Sustainable Living
Welcome to MILAN HOME 2024, the premier Italian fair dedicated to transforming the way we view and choose products for our homes. As a trailblazer in sustainability, MILAN HOME takes center stage as the authoritative platform, championing eco-friendly practices and introducing a paradigm shift in consumer choices.
Discover THE GREEN CIRCLE by RareMood: a captivating plaza devoted to Sustainability and Research. Explore a curated selection of innovative, alternative, and lesser-known yet remarkable products, all celebrated for their virtuous qualities.
Key Features:
Unveiling Virtue: MILAN HOME leads the charge in redefining the consumer goods landscape. We merge aesthetics with ethical choices, introducing a critical approach where beauty aligns with quality and correctness. Our commitment extends to adhering to internationally recognized ESG criteria and the UN SDGs.

The Circular Square: Embracing circularity as a core philosophy, our square is designed to underscore its applicability to every production process and the essence of everyday objects. Circular design symbolizes sustainability, efficiency, recycling, perfection, and simplicity.

Why Choose MILAN HOME 2024:
Innovation Unveiled: Witness groundbreaking innovations that set MILAN HOME apart – products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also crafted with a dedication to sustainable practices.
ESG-Certified Excellence: Elevate your lifestyle with products that meet the highest environmental, social, and governance standards. MILAN HOME ensures that every showcased item aligns with the global goals of a better, more sustainable future.
Be Part of the Change: Join us in embracing a new era of conscious consumerism. MILAN HOME empowers you to make choices that resonate with your values, creating a positive impact on the environment and society.
Visit MILAN HOME 2024 and Step into a Future of Sustainable Living!


Discover a revolutionary approach to showcasing your products at MILANO HOME 2024. We’ve invited companies across diverse categories with intriguing propositions to be part of this groundbreaking project. By choosing to exhibit within THE GREEN CIRCLE, your booth/desk becomes a direct conduit to turn your product proposals into immediate market impact.
Key Features:
Strategic Presence: Stand out in the crowd by connecting your exhibition space to THE GREEN CIRCLE. This strategic positioning ensures your products gain instant visibility, directing the market’s commercial attention straight to you.
Sustainability in 8 Dimensions: Backed by Goldmann & Partners’ extensive multi-year studies, we understand that sustainability is multifaceted. Explore products aligned with spatial, social, environmental, man-made, technological, energy, management, and economic sustainability. Your offerings will resonate with the conscientious consumer seeking holistic solutions.
Curated Selection: Our products are carefully chosen based on the comprehensive sustainability criteria outlined by Goldmann & Partners. Elevate your brand by aligning with the principles that matter most to today’s environmentally and socially conscious consumers.
Why Exhibit with Us:
Visibility Amplified: Leverage our platform to ensure your products are seen by the right audience. Enhance your online presence with optimized visibility, reaching a wider demographic actively searching for sustainable and innovative solutions.
Beyond Greenwashing: MILANO HOME 2024 is more than a showcase; it’s a commitment to authentic sustainability. Avoid greenwashing accusations by being part of an event that prioritizes genuine eco-friendly solutions.
Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded businesses and potential collaborators who share your commitment to sustainable practices. MILANO HOME is not just an exhibition; it’s a community-driven movement.
Secure Your Spot at MILANO HOME 2024 and Let Your Sustainable Solutions Shine!


Embark on a journey of purpose and discovery by exhibiting in THE GREEN CIRCLE at MILANO HOME. Companies participating in this visionary showcase can extend their impact by featuring their products on What sets this initiative apart is its commitment to continuous scouting and support for unknown and virtuous producers.
Key Features:
Sustainable Innovation: Elevate your brand by aligning with THE GREEN CIRCLE, an exclusive platform that champions sustainability. Showcase your products and contribute to the funding of a continuous scouting project dedicated to discovering new, unknown, and virtuous producers for future editions.
Impactful Presence: By featuring your products on, you not only amplify your online visibility but also actively contribute to the search and safeguarding of producers who share our commitment to sustainability. Your brand becomes a catalyst for positive change.
Funding for the Future: A portion of the proceeds from featured products on is earmarked for the continuous scouting project. Join the movement and be part of a community that invests in a sustainable future by supporting emerging producers.

SEO Optimized Exposure: Leverage our platform for enhanced online visibility. Be discoverable by consumers actively searching for sustainable products, making your brand stand out in an increasingly conscious market.
Community Building: Connect with a community of conscious consumers who appreciate and seek out products aligned with ethical and sustainable values. Your brand becomes a trusted contributor to a collective mission for positive change.
Long-Term Impact: Your participation goes beyond a single exhibition. It’s a commitment to sustaining a project that actively seeks and supports producers for years to come.
Be a Catalyst for Change: Exhibit, Feature, and Pioneer Sustainability with THE GREEN CIRCLE and!


Immerse yourself in a Renaissance-inspired pavilion at MILANO HOME, where the perfect coexistence of circle and square becomes a symbol of sustainable design. The pavilion, shaped like a tree-lined street, beckons visitors to discover a harmonious blend of aesthetics and ecological consciousness.
Key Features:
Renaissance Theme: Our pavilion draws inspiration from the Renaissance, embodying the timeless harmony between circle and square. Experience a visually stunning representation that seamlessly integrates historical elegance with contemporary sustainability.
Educational Journey: Stroll along the tree-lined street flanked by information panels detailing the eight sustainability principles underlying our selection criteria. Gain insights into spatial, social, environmental, man-made, technological, energy, management, and economic sustainability, creating a holistic understanding of our curated exhibits.
Neutral-Colored Elegance: As you enter the circular plaza, marvel at the neutral-colored perimeter volume that provides a sophisticated backdrop for the exhibits. This intentional design choice enhances the visual appeal of the showcased products, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Why Choose THE SHAPE Pavilion:

SEO-Optimized Exploration: Delve into a unique pavilion that seamlessly combines artistry and sustainability. MILANO HOME invites you to explore a space that resonates with environmentally conscious consumers actively searching for innovative, eco-friendly solutions.
Storytelling Through Design: The pavilion is not just a structure; it’s a narrative that unfolds as you traverse the tree-lined street. Engage your audience with a visual and educational journey, capturing their interest and leaving a lasting impression.
Exhibit in Style: Showcase your products in an environment where design meets sustainability. Your brand becomes part of a larger story, creating a memorable experience for visitors and fostering a connection between your offerings and the overarching theme of the pavilion.
Step into a World Where Sustainability and Aesthetics Converge – Explore THE SHAPE Pavilion at MILANO HOME 2024!

Sponsored by: Ephemera Firenze e Ingegnoli.