The company ARETÈ based in Milan, specialized in supplying products for the B2B market, boasts a B2C Division dedicated to a conscious and demanding audience. This division offers exclusive products that combine high quality and maximum healthiness. Among these, the flagship is represented by the TRITANIA® cooking units.
TRITANIA® was conceived in 2016 with an ambitious idea: to provide healthy cooking tools with excellent performance. Combining practicality, high performance, and health considerations posed a challenge that, until then, none of the cookware manufacturers had managed to overcome. All materials used had significant drawbacks on one front or the other.
The ARETÈ team, led by Andrea Lucidi, an expert engineer in the production of quality cookware, succeeded in meeting this challenge. Thanks to the choice of an innovative material – a multilayer structure with a cooking surface of pure titanium, a non-toxic and biocompatible metal, an inner layer of aluminum, and an exterior of magnetic steel – TRITANIA® pots can simultaneously offer maximum health safety and excellent performance with any type of cooking.
The ARETÈ team directly oversees the production of TRITANIA® pots in Lombardy. Therefore, TRITANIA® can proudly display the Made in Italy origin label!

Why it is in The Green Circle

Domestic cooking in titanium is an all-Italian challenge that raises the level of food processing very high in terms of sustainability. Titanium is non-toxic and allows for optimal processing of raw materials. Moreover, it is a very durable material, and due to its thermal characteristics and heat diffusion, it does not require waste of thermal energy in cooking, thus contributing to the protection of the planet while taking care of people’s well-being.
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