Yuyu Bottle

“The most memorable brands try to leave their consumers with an experience they will remember and want to share with their friends. Whether it be an emotion or a comfort or an outright surprise, you know when it touches you, you feel it when it happens and it stops you in your tracks.
The simplicity and uncomplicated innovation of the YuYu Bottle is doing just this. It’s creating an unforgettable surprise, it’s stopping consumers in their tracks, making them reach for their phones to take selfies or shout out for their friends or family members – creating a consumer reaction that most brands can only dream of.
Already brands such as the Mandarin Oriental, the Four Seasons and The Ritz have commissioned their very own luxurious bespoke designs, sharing the YuYu gift of warmth and creating an immeasurable connection between brand and consumer.
Private hospitals and medical experts have come forward to endorse the conveniently ‘longer shaped’ hot water bottle, also available with a wearable belt for pain relief and comfort for a range of chronic illnesses ranging from Endometriosis to Crohn’s disease.” Richard Yu – Founder & CEO

“There’s no greater gift we can give another human being than our WARMTH”

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