NIO Cocktails

NIO Cocktails is the brainchild of Luca Quagliano and Alessandro Palmarin, with the aim to change attitudes around cocktail consumption among the general public.
The brand aims to become a leading innovator in the world of mixology, bringing its premium ready-to-drink cocktails to every place and occasion.
The concept behind NIO Cocktails is simple: just shake, tear, pour. NIO, which stands for Needs Ice Only, is based on the dream to be able to enjoy your favourite cocktails wherever you want, all while maintaining the highest quality in both the recipes and their ingredients.
All NIO Cocktails boast the seal of approval of Patrick Pistolesi, Italian master mixologist and brand ambassador to some of the world’s most prestigious spirits brands, who is now considered to be among the top 50 bartenders in the world by World’s 50 Best Bars.
Better yet, sustainability is at the core of the brand: the iconic design packaging is entirely recyclable, thanks to FSC- certified paper sleeves.

Why it is in The Green Circle

NIO cocktails is among the first in the world to have addressed and resolved the issue of the low impact of cocktail production and consumption worldwide, enabling responsible consumption without waste even outside of bars. Sustainable packaging is one of the sustainable aspects, which also adds to the awareness of the correct dosage of the alcoholic and aromatic components, without waste and oversupply of alcohol and other components beyond the actual consumption needs.
SDGs: 3 – 4 – 11 – 12

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