Silkow was born in the spring of 2021, just a few steps from Venice, where this precious fiber first landed from the Far East. The city of Marco Polo, of long journeys, of precious fabrics, where the distance between dreams and reality is thinner than anywhere else. It is a project that takes shape from the passions of its founders: silk in its finest forms and the search for personal well-being through a return to nature. Only pillowcases are made of pure silk because the raw material is the real protagonist of this story. That is why each package contains a real silk cocoon, a symbol of the natural origin of this precious fiber. Again, Silkow pillowcases are strictly natural white to maintain and enhance the natural coloring of silk, a symbol of its purity and delicacy. A raw material of excellence, no chemical coloring treatment is applied, and it is thermofixed with natural agents to maintain structure and softness even after numerous washings. But that’s not all: attention to detail and the quality of each component are key features of the brand. A careful choice aimed at the search for environmentally sustainable materials, from the label in pure cotton to the packaging in recyclable paper. All Silkow pillowcases are made in Italy, from the pillowcase to the label to the packaging. Choosing a Made in Italy product does not only mean choosing a quality product; it means promoting our country’s economy, culture, and skills. It means protecting the environment around us; it means investing in our future.

A perfect gift for him and her, silk is able to amaze the most assiduous researchers and pamper lovers of the classics. Silk is a fiber that is naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, thermoregulating, and incredibly gentle on skin and hair. It helps each of us in an indispensable task: taking care of ourselves every day—in fact, every night!

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