about us

Welcome to Raremood.it, an Italian project born out of love for sustainability, beauty, and respect for our planet. We are more than an e-commerce platform; we are curators of marvels, dedicated to discovering and promoting small producers and their unique, sustainable creations.

About Us:

Rarity Defined: At Raremood.it, we embrace the rare, uncommon, and little-known. Each product selected carries a story of research and passion, symbolizing a commitment to sustainability. Our collection reflects a dedication to Utilitas, Firmitas, and Venustas – the ancient Roman principles of utility, durability, and beauty.
Artistry and Craftsmanship: Curated by architect Isabella Goldmann, Raremood.it brings you objects crafted with care and dedication. From wood and ceramics to metals and fabrics, each piece speaks of art, ancient craftsmanship, and the essential creativity of the finest “artists of matter.”
International Platform: Based in Milan, Raremood.it is a global platform by Goldmann & Partners, a top B Corp and bio-architecture studio. Our project is dedicated to sustainable and bioclimatic interior design, maximizing well-being in living spaces through carefully chosen, beautifully crafted objects.

Unique Features:
Limited Edition Treasures: Our collection often features timeless objects, produced in limited quantities or as unique pieces. Unbound by fashion trends, these items exude glamour in their simplicity and eternal expressive value.
Solidarity E-Commerce: When you make a purchase on Raremood.it, you contribute to a cycle of discovery and promotion. Proceeds are reinvested to find and showcase more worthy products and producers worldwide.
Continuous Scouting Project: Companies featured on RareMood.it contribute to funding the continuous scouting of new, unknown, and virtuous producers. It’s a commitment to supporting the growth of sustainable craftsmanship for years to come.

Our Mission:
Promoting Home Wonders: Raremood.it is on a mission to promote and safeguard small producers of home wonders. We discover and support artists using raw materials to create everyday objects of rare beauty, often unrecognized.
Italian Criteria: Rooted in the Italian love for beauty, we select objects based on simplicity, harmony, and essentiality. Every object on Raremood.it is not only exceptionally beautiful but also emotionally evocative.