A Green Architect As Friend

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A Green Architect As Friend
Make your home beautiful and healthy and make it the smartest and happiest place for you and your family with the IGBI Method.

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Artist: Isabella Goldmann

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Have you ever thought of your home as a medicine, the most effective one possible, to achieve the highest state of well-being for you and your family? We’re talking about your whole house, every room, every corner, thought out in such a way that you can experience joy just by spending time there: that it conciliates calm in times of relaxation and stimulates concentration if you have to work. In short, a home that is finally the perfect den of your and your family’s body and soul. All this is possible, and this book guides you step by step to get to know better the place where you live, or where you would like to go to live. It accompanies you to learn more about your true needs and expectations with respect to this new den, and especially to solve its less performing aspects, with various solutions, both as simplicity and cost, following a very ancient and millenary discipline: bioarchitecture. This is a very scientific approach to living, which first and foremost merges beauty, which is indispensable and true care of the soul, with all the chemical, physical and ergonomic aspects that are involved in a serious and competent construction of a home. Nothing more is left to chance by the IGBI Method – Isabella

Goldmann Bio Interiors, elaborated over years of profession and scientific research. Isabella Goldmann, a bioarchitect for more than 30 years, describes this method to you in this book in a simple and meticulous way, putting all the secrets at your disposal so that you can apply them immediately, without hesitation, to your home!

“Right of withdrawal does not apply” (as per Art. 8.4 Terms and Conditions)

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